CSS3 Creativity: Don’t Kill the Messenger

I’m all for building future friendly Mobile First Responsive websites. *phew*

These web development ideas and techniques are so great, its easy to become passionate about them. As good web workers we’re instinctively drawn to them. And implementing them wherever we can usually becomes a priority. But as geeks, sometimes we can get a little hung up on technical details.

CSS Dom Tree by: Hakim El Hattab

Creativity is also vital to the web design/development community. We need to make frivolous CSS3 / HTML5 / JAVASCRIPT experiments because they help us think laterally. It’s through these ‘lateral approaches’ that we can often discover creative solutions to real-world web development problems.

These experiments can lower the barrier to entry for young students looking to get into web development. What better way to get a bunch of 10 year olds excited about web development than showing them how to create an animated NYAN CAT out of html and CSS3?

CSS3 Nyan Cat by: Michal Budzynski

When considering these experiments we shouldn’t get hung up on how cpu intensive they are or whether your browser is freezing up. We have to take these experiments for what they are. Learning tools that help us create and express new ideas.

If you find yourself criticizing these experiments because they’re not production ready or overly complicated. Beware. You might be missing the point.

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